Ecodesign Requirements for Servers

According to the European regulation 2019/424, new energy consumption and resource efficiency measures apply to most servers and data storage equipment typically used in data centers and offices. This regulation requires ecodesign obligations.

The regulation 2019/424Ecodesign requirements for servers and data storage products‘ stems from the EU Directive 2009/125/EC ‘Ecodesign requirements for electrical related products that represent a significant volume of sales‘ and the identified product category ‘Lot 9 – Enterprise servers‘.

Examples of the requirements listed in the 2019/424 annexes are:

  • minimum PSU efficiency
  • maximum idle state power
  • instructions for installers and end-users
  • repair, reuse & refurbishing considerations
  • conformity assessment with internal technical documentation

These elements are added to the RoHSWEEEREACH SVHC and Persistent Organic Pollutant POP applicable obligations and apply as of March 1st, 2020.

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