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 Introduction to Product Environmental Compliance

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Everything you Wanted to Know on RoHS

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Content of the Courses

  • Introduction to Product Environmental Compliance

Section 1: Obligations Related to Substances in Products

Environmental requirements that directly impact physical hardware products.

Section 2: Obligations Related to Sales

Environmental obligations related to sales placed into specific markets.

Section 3: Management Systems

Environmental standards, like ISO 14001.

Section 4: Conclusion


RoHS Course Different approach
  • Everything you Wanted to Know on RoHS

Section 1: Why RoHS Regulations?

The purposes of such regulations.

Section 2: EU RoHS

Detailed presentation of the European RoHS, the directive, its amendments, and what they entail.

Section 3: How to Comply With EU RoHS

A practical approach to perform product assessment and show due diligence.

Section 4: Beyond RoHS

RoHS like regulations worldwide, and other requirements.


Full presentation of this EU RoHS compliance course


Environmental Product Compliance Online training Enviropass

Environmental regulations and standards are emerging worldwide. 


Some are very broad, like the ISO 14001 environmental management system, which applies to the organization's activities, products en services.


Other requirements are more specific, such as REACH SVHC, or Prop 65 that target the concentration of various hazardous chemicals in products, substances, or mixtures.  Certain obligations are only applicable to specific product categories, such as Europe RoHS on hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.


Facing so many emerging and constantly evolving requirements, how can we be sure that we are not missing anything important?  How can I reduce my corporate risk and show that I've performed due diligence?


What is the best approach to tackle EU RoHS compliance for electrical or electronic products? How to assess new designs? To what extend should I conduct RoHS verifications? What supplier's declarations are acceptable/not-acceptable? 

If you have to deal with such questions, then these online environmental compliance courses are for you! 


These unparalleled Enviropass' courses are designed to assist you with any basic issues on product environmental compliance over the world and is offered via the Compliance Academii platform.


Here, you benefit from a unique offer

This kind of training is usually much more expensive! 


Costs have been cut for Environmental Compliance within your reach!  Starting at only 39$

These courses will help you address the following questions

Trade - Environmental compliance training

When designing a product, do I always know what environmental obligations apply? 

It is usually more cost-effective to start a project with the right rules and avoid re-design.  However, you need to know first what these rules are. 


What environmental standards are voluntary, and which ones are mandatory? 

Some standards may be marketing assets, while others are inevitable obligations, when it comes to entering certain markets, such as the European Union WEEE, China RoHS, California Proposition 65, and other environmental requirements.


What should I do when I receive requests of environmental compliance from customers, partners, or other third parties? 


What are the EU RoHS requirements? What is the best approach to reduce the risk of having a non RoHS compliant design? How to implement a robust procedure? Are there other RoHS requirements than the European ones?


Do you always know how to address all of these requirements?  Sometimes, we are not even sure whether a request does apply, or what is at stake...

What you will learn

RoHS, REACH, WEEE, CE marking, POP, ISO 14001, energy efficiency, training

Once completed, you will understand what we call the product environmental compliance constellation of requirements, covering:


Europe RoHS, REACH SVHC, China RoHS, Cal Prop 65, Taiwan RoHS, WEEE, CE marking, Conflict Minerals, POP - Halogen-free, EcoDesign, Energy efficiency,  ISO 14001, Toxics in packaging, Battery directive, ELV, human trafficking ban, MDR,  and other environmental requirements


In essence, you will discover:

  • What most acronyms in the industry mean
  • What the basic requirements are, and
  • You also will get an idea of what must be achieved to get full compliance.

No specific prerequisite is required in this course. Each training ends with a short quiz, and the Compliance academii will issue your diploma!

Who should take this Online Course?

Training on Environmental compliance Engineer

Whoever wants to become familiar with product environmental compliance, and understand what has to be done to comply:

  • Compliance specialists
  • Designers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Product managers
  • Sales managers
  • EHS coordinators
  • Decision-makers and stakeholders
  • Buyers
  • Marketing managers
  • Component engineers
  • Consultants
  • Teachers

Specific examples in the electronics industry will be given within the courses.

More Training to Come!

Online training diploma on Product environmental compliance RoHS REACH

Detailed courses will also be available on the following topics:



 Stay tuned, and let Enviropass know what your training needs are!

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Courses cover :

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  • Product environmental compliance.

The offered course about the 'introduction to product environmental compliance' has been designed by Enviropass and hosted by Heroxx Compliance Academii.

Introduction to Product Environmental Compliance

2 hours | starting at only $39.00 (CAD)

Online course

Everything you Wanted to Know on RoHS


5 hours | starting at only $ 439.00 (CAD)

Online course

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