Enviropass Online compliance assessment

Online compliance assessment

Wherever you are located. We use a documentary approach meeting the highest standard.

Enviropass no prototype destruction

No prototype destruction

You design precious new high-tech product?  You won't have to ship it, have it dismantled or crushed

Enviropass best money value

Best money value

High reliability reports at a bargain price, period.

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Nemko Enviropass

Timely response, good pricing, accurate report


Gilles Philion

Director of Sales


Nemko Enviropass

It was a learning experience for our company with regards to RoHS and Enviropass provided the support we needed to make our product compliant


Chris MacDonald

Sales Manager

Enviropass Satisfaction Rate

100% of our surveyed customers are satisfied with Enviropass, and 90% are very satisfied!


Product Environmental Compliance Within your Reach.  Here's how:

BOM Enviropass

All you have to provide is the Bill of Materials (BOM) of the product you want to assess.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA)  will be signed.

Market access Enviropass

Fixed prices and no hidden costs. The turnkey assessment projects are estimated based on the number of unique parts/materials in the BOM, regardless of the  time that will be spent on the project. Therefore, you know the budget from the very beginning.

Supply Chain Enviropass

Our dedicated team will contact your supply chain, verify the quality of the declarations of conformity or any other relevant documents, and perform a risk assessment.

Certificate of compliance Enviropass

The outcome of our assessment will either be a certificate of compliance, or a clear & comprehensive corrective action plan, so that you can achieve full product conformity.

Market access Enviropass

Then you gain access to markets worldwide!  All of this following the highest international standards, such as EN 50581 or IEC 63000 - Technical documentation for the assessment of electrical and electronic products with respect to the restriction of hazardous substances 

Enviropass Free Demo offer

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One free hour applicable to new customers

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