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Human trafficking regulation STRT form

If you do business in:

  • Australia (MSA Modern Slavery Act enacted by the ABF Australian Border Force);
  • California (Transparency in Supply Chains Act Section 1714.43)
  • France (Duty of Care of Parent Companies and Ordering Companies Law No. 2017-399);
  • The Netherlands (Dutch Child Labor Due Diligence Act)
  • The UK (Modern Slavery Act Section 54);
  • USA (Federal Acquisition Regulation Final Rule on Combating Trafficking in Persons 52.222-50) and Trade Facilitation and Enforcement Act);
  • The European Union

there is a good chance that you have to address human trafficking ban regulations, under certain conditions such as the company size and activities. 

The California law SB 657 is one of these regulations that target tragedies of human trafficking and modern slavery in the present-day workplace.

Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template

Similarly to the Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) addressing conflict minerals laws, the Social Responsibility Alliance (SRA) has developed the Slavery & Trafficking Risk Template (STRT) to help companies comply with these regulations. 

The STRT is a free standard in Excel format that enhances data collection from supply chains.

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Enviropass supports you in searching for information and following up with your suppliers and subcontractors as well as advising you in the mandatory official disclosure on your supply chains control.