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The Enviropass Vision: a world where every product is designed in an environmentally and socially sound manner

To attain this goal, we offer customized services for environmental compliance within your reach. In short, we are flexible enough to help you meet your needs while not compromising quality and reliability.

Enviropass Vision

Offered services include:

The Team: Select your Environmental Compliance Specialist!

Dr. Mitra Matloobi Enviropass
Dr. Mitra Matloobi, Ph.D. Organic Chemistry

Dr. Mitra Matloobi

Mitra is your coordinator for special environmental projects.

She holds a Ph. D in organic chemistry. Since 2009, Mitra has worked as a researcher in reputable organizations like the University of British Columbia, AIM Solder, and Optify. At Enviropass, Mitra has been leading projects requiring high skills, in-depth knowledge, and diversified experience in applied chemistry, including Safety Data Sheets (SDS), REACH-SCIP, biocides, and RoHS.

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Amanda Di Bernardo
Amanda Di Bernardo, Project Manager

Amanda Di Bernardo

Amanda is a Project Manager at Enviropass. 

She is here to assist you with your product environmental compliance projects, either RoHS, REACH SVHC, California Prop.65, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POP), Conflict Minerals, etc.

Amanda particularly specializes in risk assessment and currently studies Biochemistry at Concordia University to keep up with chemistry applications in the environmental compliance industry.

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Amin Nikpayam, Project Manager
Amin Nikpayam, Project Manager

Amin Nikpayam

Amin is currently studying specialization in chemistry at Concordia University as a member of the Institute for Co-operative education. Amin and Enviropass have even won a Coop Award with Concordia University for the most impactful and challenging project!

He has wide experience in different aspects of chemistry such as organic, inorganic, and analytical chemistry. He is a member of iGEM Concordia team since 2020 working on the project of AstroYeast in the biomanufacturing of nutrients in space. He will be also working as the VP internal of Concordia Undergraduate Biochemistry and Chemistry society in 2021.

Amin works on environmental compliance projects, focusing on RoHS, REACH, and Cali Prop. 65 regulations.

Eric Yiping Li, Project Manager Enviropass
Eric Yiping Li, Project Manager

Eric Yiping Li

Eric studies Finance at John Molson School of Business and works as a project manager at Enviropass for various projects, including RoHS, REACH SVHC, and Conflict Minerals Compliance.

He has been collecting and analyzing data related to compliances and is responsible for information and communication within the company.

Eric is fluent in both Mandarin and English. He will be a great support to our Chinese projects! 

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Beza Getachew Project Manager Enviropass
Beza Getachew Project Manager

Beza Getachew

Beza has a background in Honours Chemistry at Concordia University and is a member of the Institute of Co-operative education. She has previously worked in R&D, giving her valuable insight into the process of manufacturing and certifying products. In addition to chemistry, her topics of interest are physics, astronomy, and scientific literacy.
Beza will be working on environmental compliance projects, writing articles on environmental regulation, and coordinating with testing labs.
Claudia McWilliams Enviropass
Claudia McWilliams, Project manager

Claudia McWilliams

Claudia is currently studying civil engineering at Concordia University. From her previous internship working on a large remediation project and involvement in engineering clubs such as the Engineering Games and Concordia Concrete Toboggan, she has found a particular interest in the environmental side of civil engineering. This has led her to Enviropass! Claudia is fluent in both French and English.

At Enviropass, she will be applying her knowledge on numerous projects related to RoHS, REACH SVHC, and Conflict Minerals regulations. For more details on Claudia’s achievements.

Jamie Frendo-Cumbo Enviropass
Jamie Frendo-Cumbo, EcoDesign Manager

James (Jamie) Frendo-Cumbo

Jamie is the EcoDesign Project Manager at Enviropass.

He has a background in chemistry and education, and his interests include public speaking and Right To Repair. He is also working towards a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at Concordia University.

Jamie can answer your questions about electronics, ecodesign, WEEE, and Product Life Cycle.

Learn more about Jamie.

Rana Sadeghi picture Enviropass
Rana Sadeghi M.Eng

Rana Sadeghi

Rana, M.Eng. is a Project Manager and Supervisor at Enviropass.

She has a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from Concordia University. She has experience in Environmental, Health, and Safety management, as well as production supervision. 

At Enviropass, Rana is managing environmental projects, working on compliance against diversified regulations and standards.

For more details on Rana’s experiences.

Aury Hathout M.Env, CEA

Aury Hathout - Environmental Compliance Specialist

Aury, M. Env, VEA®, CEA, is a certified environmental auditor and has a Master’s degree in Environment combined with graduate education in Business Administration from the University of Sherbrooke.

Since 2008, Aury provides practical consulting services, including environmental compliance and management systems auditing in multiple industrial and services sectors – various manufacturers, petroleum equipment, construction, municipalities, etc.

He is the environmental compliance specialist of hundreds of electrical and electronic products sold worldwide, with any the following requirements: RoHS, REACH SVHC, WEEE, PFAS, TSCA-PBT, Conflict Minerals, California Proposition 65, etc.

Offered services include anything from customized training to full support of environmental compliance requirements.

Through his assessments, Aury is regularly in contact with close to 3,500 of the most active manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in the electronics field.

Aury also gives training; lectures, such as for Chemical Watch and IEEE. He is a regular contributor to the EP&T magazine Think Green heading and to Consumer Electronics, Test & Development; and teaches Environmental Auditing at the University of Sherbrooke.

More details on Aury’s achievements.

Enviropass is an Environmental Compliance Specialist in...

Our dedicated team is ready to give you the best experience and help you access new markets with your products.  We offer an unparalleled personalized service when it comes to assessing your product or providing customized training.  We will answer your questions, explain your reports, and guide you towards full compliance. This is why our motto is: Environmental compliance within your reach.

This practical field experience makes Enviropass a unique consulting firm, ready to assist you in your environmental compliance challenges.


As a Certified Environmental Auditor (CEA), Aury Hathout is a member in good standing of the Quebec Association of Environmental Auditing Association Québécoise de Vérification Environnementale” (AQVE), which is accredited by the Standard Council of Canada (SCC) to perform the certification of persons.

Enviropass is now listed as a:

  • Responsible sourcing
  • Environmental certification
  • EcoDesign
  • Environmental management

consultant registered in the Ecoleader Fund repertoire. This means that our services can be financed/subsidized for projects submitted to the program of the Ecoleader Fund.

Enviropass is a proud member of the Quebec’s Electronic Systems Industry Cluster (ISEQ).

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