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RoHS 2 or 3: Does it Make a Difference?

Here is an Enviropass video on this question, with a transcript below. Are RoHS 2 and 3 the same? Is RoHS 3 the latest version of RoHS? We come across these questions all the time. This short video is here to help you clarify this point.

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In the first part, we focus on the difference between European Union RoHS 2, the recast version, and RoHS 3, which we often see in literature, from suppliers or other third parties. Should we accept only RoHS 3 certificates of compliance? We’ll see it is not necessarily the case.

In the second part, we will address the meaning of the RoHS acronym.

Transcript of the Video - RoHS 2 or 3?

RoHS 2 or RoHS 3?

RoHS. RoHS is under directive 2011/65/EU, and we’re still under RoHS 2. Sometimes, you see in the literature what we’re talking about RoHS 3, but in reality, we are under RoHS 2. RoHS 3 refers to one of the main

amendments which is the amendment 2015/863, but in reality this is RoHS

2, RoHS recast. 

There are actually two versions. The first version was in 2002. This version is over and has been replaced by the directive 2011/65/EU. And there have been 40ish amendments since 2011. The biggest amendment is the one of 2015, but be aware that there are another 40ish amendments, so that this regulation evolves. It’s not static. 

RoHS 1, 2 and 3

What does RoHS Mean?

The directive of 2011/65/EU is called: Directive on the restriction of the use of certain other substances in electrical and electronic equipment. So, that’s where you see the acronym of RoHS, or:

  • Restriction‘, the ‘R‘, 
  • Of certain hazardous‘, so ‘of’ is for the ‘o‘, 
  • Hazardous‘ for the ‘H‘, 
  • Substances‘ for the ‘S‘ of R-o-H-S.


RoHS acronym

Questions on EU RoHS, or other RoHS regulations worldwide, like China RoHS? Ask your Enviropass expert!