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Enviropass Training courses

Enviropass is already well-known for offering services to assess products against environmental regulations worldwide: RoHS, REACH SVHC, Proposition 65, POP, TSCA PBTConflict Minerals, etc. We have the capabilities to assess your products.


Do you know that you can also receive training via our turnkey solutions, and bring new valuable skills to your company?

Three Compliance Training Options

From an introduction to product environmental compliance to a deep understanding of specific requirements, Enviropass is here for you. One of the following training options will enable you better tackle these rising requirements.

No. 1 - Customized Deluxe Courses

Customized courses are the best option if you want an entirely personalized service. 

Enviropass Customized Training

Covered topics include:

  • The theory;
  • Customized procedures and forms;
  • Workshops where you can bring your parts lists, internal documents, part drawings, etc., and start assessing your products.

A seasoned expert will answer your specific questions on EU RoHS, REACH SCIP, WEEE, Prop. 65, Conflict Minerals, etc.


If you need updates on the worldwide applicable environmental requirements which can impact any of your developed and manufactured products, Enviropass can provide you with regular notifications. Such personalized notifications are given via summaries and webinar presentations.


Services are offered either online or in person. This is what we call our Deluxe option.

Ask Enviropass for our competitive prices!

No. 2 - Compliance Academii

RoHS Product compliance training

For those that need structured and comprehensive courses, Enviropass has been creating online environmental compliance courses via the Compliance Academii platform. Offered courses include step-by-step lessons and modules for a better learning experience. Following the course, you will pass an online test, and the Compliance Academii will deliver a certificate upon successful completion. 

Compliance Academii Environment Courses

Starting at only 39$!

No. 3 - Free Online Resources

Do you know that Enviropass offers entirely free resources, available with a single click?

Enviropass LinkedIn Page


Pretty much every working day, Enviropass publishes via its LinkedIn page the most recent news in the field of product environmental compliance: coming requirements, amendments, new tools, online resources, etc. The Enviropass LinkedIn page will benefit whoever wants to keep abreast of product environmental compliance, like RoHS, REACH, WEEE, Prop. 65 and more!

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