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Product Environmental Compliance - Under One Roof

Enviropass is a consulting company dedicated to Product Environmental Compliance. Within this area of expertise, we cover everything you need to comply, for all of your:
  • ideas
  • designs
  • products
  • inventions
  • targeted markets
  • environmental standards
Want to access the global market or to export to specific countries? This table of major environmental regulatory obligations helps to find the applicable requirements.

What Makes Enviropass Unique

  • Vast experience in the field of manufacturing.  Hundreds of product models have been verified by Enviropass!
    • electronic products
    • industrial instruments
    • automotive industry
    • mechanical parts
    • medical devices
    • tools
    • servers
    • and more!
  • Tailor-made assistance in your Environmental Management System (EMS). The standard ISO 14001 includes product life cycle requirements
  • A unique method of data collection, and verification, following the highest level, like the IEC 63000 standard
  • A risk assessment approach to avoid costly analytical testing, as much as possible
  • Customized training  and consulting services, either online or on-site

What our customers say about Enviropass:

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Listed here are the main Enviropass services:

Europe RoHS

The European Union (EU) RoHS directive is probably the most respected environmental law dedicated to electrical or electronic equipment.

Depending on your needs, Enviropass offers either Europe RoHS consulting, Classic or Deluxe training services.


The REACH is a regulation in Europe… but also all over the world.  The REACH law is a very vast one, covering many substances, mixtures, and most products, such as household or professional products, chemicals, electronic devices, batteries, packaging, mechanical items, furniture, toys, etc.

Among other things, certain substances must be declared, like the substances of very high concern (SVHC), while others are merely banned or at least restricted, as indicated in the REACH Annex XVII.

Enviropass helps you with the SCIP registration and notification of SVHCs in your products.

Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001

ISO 14001 is the most recognized standard of environmental management systems. This standard manages the environmental aspects of all activities, services, and products of a given organization.

Interestingly, the environmental product life cycles (PLC) must be taken into account.  To do so, the applicable regulations, such as RoHS, REACH, POP, WEEE, and other relevant environmental product requirements should be considered.

Enviropass has helped various companies and agencies with their environmental management systems, as well as their needs for environmental compliance audits.


Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) regulations are in place worldwide.  States, provinces, and territories all over the world have implemented WEEE, e-cycling, or take-back programs, which may apply to your devices.  The European Union has the broadest scope, covering most product categories, including professional electronic equipment.

Since every state has its own set of rules, it is not always easy to understand and fully comply worldwide.  Let Enviropass guide you through this journey!

China RoHS

China RoHS has followed the Europe RoHS initiative quite promptly. However, China’s RoHS obligations, labels, and declarations differ from the European one.

Let Enviropass assist you by:

  • making sure you have a robust technical file
  • drafting the China RoHS tables of your products, in Chinese
  • finding the appropriate product label, including the Environment-Friendly Use Period (EFUP) symbol.

Prop 65

Just like the REACH SVHC, California proposition 65 targets hundreds of substances. These substances, if they are contained in your products and may come in direct contact with the consumers, must be declared, following a Safe Harbor Warning.

Via a risk assessment, Enviropass performs the inventory of the substances that may be found in your products, and submit the recommended Safe harbor warning to you.

POP - Halogen-free

RoHS, REACH… and the POP regulation.  There are the 3 requirements that typically apply to electrical and electronic equipment placed into the European market.

POP means Persistent Organic Pollutants. Similarly to REACH SVHC, POP applies to many types of products and targets bioaccumulative substances, which are halogenated chemicals.

Enviropass can assess your products against POP substances.

Much More!

Enviropass offers the following additional services. Most are related to environmental regulation while some tackle social issues, such as the conflict minerals reporting requirements.

Conflict Minerals

Certain minerals, such as the 3TGs (tin, tungsten, tantalum, and gold) originate from zones of conflict. Some mines are even under terrorist activities.  To curb the risk of financing such activities, regulations have been enacted, and an audit system, via Conflict Minerals Reporting Templates (CMRT), has been implemented.

Enviropass is here to audit your supply chain and prepare your CMRT accordingly.


The federal US Toxic Substances Control Act now includes restriction of uses of persistent, bioaccumulative, and toxic (PBT) substances in articles and other products. Enviropass’ experts have the solution to help you comply.


The countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, including Russia, have also published a RoHS law.  Enviropass advises on the technical documentation of this sometimes called Russia RoHS.

California RoHS

California RoHS is very similar to the first version of  Europe RoHS, which at that time, only covered 6 substances.  If your product is already EU RoHS compliant, then it should be quite easy to also comply with California RoHS. Let Enviropass verify that for you!

Battery Compliance

Interestingly enough, battery compliance is not part of the RoHS scope. However, this does not imply that batteries can contain any heavy metals, at any concentrations! Distinct regulations specifically apply to batteries, worldwide.


If automotive equipment is out of the Europe RoHS scope, that’s because regulation is entirely dedicated to the restriction of hazardous substances. It is the End-of-life vehicle (ELV) directive. Enviropass recommends using the same RoHS compliance approach.

Medical Devices

Depending on your type of medical devices, RoHS, REACH, POP, and other specific restrictions of chemical use may apply.

Human Trafficking

Sadly enough, human trafficking, such as child and forced labor, is still rampant in the manufacturing industry, worldwide. To fight this social scourge, various states and countries have implemented a set of corporate obligations, including supply chain audits.  Similarly to conflict minerals, Enviropass can help you with such audits, and assist you with your due diligence procedures.


The discipline of ecodesign is evolving and growing rapidly.  So are the ecodesign legal requirements and standards.

Enviropass commits to informing and assisting you with your ecodesign questions.  Contact Enviropass!


The United Arab Emirates have their own UAE RoHS compliance obligations. Enviropass supports companies in preparing their technical files and submitting robust application forms.

Taiwan RoHS

Taiwan RoHS is somewhere between the EU RoHS and the China RoHS characteristics, with the European concept of exemptions along with the Chinese table information to the recycler.  Enviropass has the consulting capabilities to verify your products against Taiwan RoHS.

Turkey RoHS

Being close geographically and economically to the European Union, Turkey has also enacted its regulation, with slight deviations from Europe RoHS. Do you export electrical and electronic products to Turkey? Make sure you fully comply with Turkey RoHS!

Packaging Compliance

Just like batteries, packages environmental requirements are covered by specific regulations, prohibiting the use of heavy metals. Enviropass can verify on your behalf whether the packaging of your products complies, worldwide.

Material Declarations

Whether it is EPECIPC-1752IMDSGADSL, or another standard, Enviropass is here to help you with your products material declarations.

Looking for a specific product environmental evaluation?  Let’s schedule a free consultation with Enviropass!